What is the Best For My Baby? That is the Question.

mattress-cribsChoosing the Right Baby Mattress
When you are looking for the right mattress for your baby, you need to keep in mind that your baby is going to spend the major part of his or her time in the crib on the mattress. So choosing the right mattress becomes that much more important for comfort, safety and good health of the baby. The right-sized mattress that doesn’t allow too great a gap between the best mattress and crib for my baby so that the baby doesn’t get stuck in the gap, or a mattress that is too soft to sink the baby in and suffocate him are some important factors that you need to decide when choosing the right mattress for your baby.

Zeroing In On The Right Mattress
A soft mattress that is too soft to let the baby sink in it can cause suffocation of the baby or diseases like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. There are basically two types of mattresses available in the market, the foam type and the innerspring type. The foam mattresses are lighter, while the innersprings are much heavier. Sturdiness of the mattress is an important factor when deciding on buying one. Thinner plastic coverings on mattresses will easily rip and tear. A good mattress should be durable enough to last many years. Cheap mattresses tend to sag and lose support quickly. There are also mattresses that are available with organic material like cotton or wool that many parents prefer over foam mattresses so as to eliminate the toxicity of foam and other chemicals along with flame retardant material. Thus, the decision to choose the right mattress for your baby needs to be made wisely and judiciously.
The website HealthyChild lists and clarifies all such concerns. When selecting a mattress, look for the label that lists the materials used in manufacturing it. Regulations require that the manufacturers list them separately on the covering.

If you feel a mattress is comfortable and good, chances are that the mattress shall be too soft for your baby. The mattress should regain its contour after removing pressure from it so as to assure that it is neither too soft but is resilient enough to take its shape immediately after pressure is removed, nor is it too firm so as to leave the impression of the pressure.

The following is a review of the various mattresses available in the market today.

1. Naturepedic No Compromise Crib Mattress

The Naturepedic No Compromise Crib Mattress is an expensive buy, but is made of 100% organic cotton fabric and filling with a very strong organic cotton cover in cream color. It is easy to clean as it has a waterproof cover that can be wiped with a wet sponge easily. The mattress has an innerspring with 252 coils and edge support. It is manufactured by a GOTS certified organic mattress manufacturer and meets the GreenGuard guidelines for chemical emissions. The mattress measures 27.75″ x 52″ x 6″ and features square corners for a tighter fit. The mattress is firm, but if pressure is applied at the same spot repeatedly, it is necessary to flip the mattress to eliminate such spots.
The Naturepedic No Compromise Crib Mattress weighs over 20 pounds. However, that should not be a deterrent since the mattress will be moved rarely other than to change sheets. The mattress is indeed true value for money, and is the preferred mattress when looking for an innerspring organic material mattress.

2. LA Baby Mattress

The LA Baby Organic Cotton Crib Mattress is a dual-sided mattress suitable for both toddlers and babies. It constitutes 100% cotton, and the mattress has clear labels indicating the sides meant for babies and toddlers. It has 240 coil innersprings made with 15.5 gauge steel for greater support. It has a cover that is a shadow-printed jacquard. The mattress has 6 gauge rods for extra side strength and safety. It is waterproof as well, and has air vents at the sides to keep the mattress free of foul odor. It weighs around 25 pounds. The mattress measures 52″ x 27.5″ x 5.8″. This is a great alternative for people who are looking for competitively priced mattresses.

However, when opening the package of this mattress some people do smell a foul odor. This may be because while one layer of the mattress is made of 100% organic material, the rest is mostly synthetic chemicals that release the odor after being trapped inside the packaging over a long period.

3. Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress for 2014

The Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress made of soybean comes at around the same price. This mattress has air pockets to keep away foul odor. Since the mattress is made of soybean, it doesn’t sag and is hypoallergenic. It meets the federal flammability and CPSIA standards, and is thus quite safe to use. The mattress weighs around 8 pounds. It is durable irrespective of the weight, and the entire mattress is waterproof and thus can be cleaned easily. It has square corners, and can even be used when babies transition to being toddlers. The mattress measures 51.6″ x 27.2″ x 5″. However, the mattress is not made of 100% soy or organic material, but has polyurethane foam inside. The cover of the mattress however does not include toxic fire retardants. The mattress cannot be folded in half, so is firm though is light.

4. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Mattress

The Kolcraft Pure Sleep Mattress has150 coils that are fitted close to provide firmer support for the baby. It has a hypoallergenic waterproof cover with waterproof binding. It can thus be washed in soap and water without it getting soaked or being damp. The mattress measures 51.625″ x 27.25″ x 5″. It is suitable for cribs as well as for toddler beds. Despite the coils, the mattress weighs around 10 pounds. It passes all phthalate testing and has no toxic fire retardants.

However, the mattress is not all that firm. It has that extra bounce as well that babies so love! It is a durable mattress and is again good value for money.

5. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress

The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress weighs 8 pounds and is the lightest mattress among all the mattresses listed above. It is also the cheapest mattress in the list, though is a bit firmer than other mattresses. It has waterproof covering as well. The surface of the mattress is made of vinyl, and is hypoallergenic and free of phthalates and lead. It has a high density, thermo-bonded fiber core for support, and measures 52″ x 27.5″ x 5.5 “. It also has vents to keep foul odors away.

A mattress pad needs to be spread over this mattress since the cover tends to make noise when the baby moves around. It is definitely not the right mattress if you are looking for one that should last into toddlerhood, but is definitely the right choice where budget is the prime consideration.

Low fat diets & Losing weight

A low-fat diet is a clear approach to attain a low-calorie diet, frequently utilized for weight reduction, and it has the included gain of controlling cholesterol.

low-fatFat has more than double the vitality potential (calorie substance) of either protein or starch and somewhat more than liquor. Along these lines, when in doubt, food high in fat will likewise be high in calories. Most low-calorie diets exploit this and make a necessity of bringing down the storage of fat. This helpfully permits a low-calorie diet to likewise be low in fat, making it suitable both for shedding pounds and bringing down blood cholesterol.

A low-fat diet is made up principally of nourishments that hold starches and fiber, including entire grain breads and grains, tree grown foods, vegetables, and dried beans and peas. A low-fat diet ought to hold less nutrients from animal based sources, which abatements immersed fat, or ought to supplant them with nourishment that are low in fat or nonfat, for example, nonfat or low-fat milk and yogurt.

Moreover, a low-fat diet ought to hold more nutrients from plant sources, which give fiber, are low in immersed fat, and don’t hold cholesterol. Incline meats, poultry, fish, and low-fat or nonfat drain and yogurt supply protein.

Proof proposes that low-fat diets bring about weight reduction fundamentally in light of the fact that the diets lessen downright calories. Be that as it may, studies indicate that individuals on low-fat diets shed pounds as well as gain by bringing down their aggregate cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Additionally, notwithstanding the diet, activity was indicated to decrease cholesterol levels much all the more, and keeping a decline in HDL cholesterol, which is frequently connected with low-fat diets. Proof additionally shows that a low-fat high protein diet may help you lose weight and offer some assurance against specific sorts of disease, for example, colon growth.

A low-fat diet is for the most part characterized as holding about 20 to 30 percent of calories from fat, yet the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) program, which is proposed by the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association for treating high blood cholesterol, permits 25 to 35 percent of calories from fat. This higher rate of fat is allowed if the majority of the fat is of the heart-solid mixed bag – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated – and soaked fat and trans fat are kept low.

Besides, expanding unsaturated fats set up of sugars can help lessen triglycerides and bring HDL cholesterol up in individuals with metabolic disorder. Actually, research indicates that in examination to different sorts of diets, low-fat diets – albeit compelling at lessening muscle to fat quotients – are not so much more viable than other weight reduction diets. At the end of the day, a low-fat diet may not be the ideal fit for everybody; different diets that likewise decrease calories can bring about weight reduction too.

In the event that you decide to get in shape on a low-fat diet, decrease – yet don’t altogether remove – fat. Dietary fat is crucial for the assimilation of fat-dis-solvable vitamins, for example, A, D, E and K, and polyunsaturated fat gives key supplements, for example, linoleic corrosive, which is required for the creation of a gathering of hormones called prostaglandins that direct capacities of the heart, veins, kidneys, lungs, nerves, and regenerative organs, and also for development and solid skin.

Also, obviously, fat adds flavor to substances. So include some fat, especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, to your every day diet.